• Black & Gold ‘LINE’ Overlay Cuff Bracelet Womens


    The ‘Skin’ collection is inspired by individuality. Sara uses hand-drawn patterns taken from skin textures on a microscopic scale to create opulent textures in metal and leather – celebrating the idea of beauty in imperfection and the flaws that develop through a life well lived.

    Available in tan or black leather with a gold-plated overlay.

  • Ejing Zhang

    Ejing Zhang graduated from the Royal College of Art with a MA in Textiles Design specialising in Mixed Media. She is highly influenced and driven by colour and texture which is seen in her work through an array of vibrant colour pallets, thought out material combinations and pattern creations. She has had work experience with prestigious companies like Mercedes Benz
    Advanced Design Studio, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen etc.
    The studio of Ejing Zhang was founded in 2014 and based in central London- Cockpit Arts Holborn.
    Through the combination of thread, wood and resin, Ejing Zhang Studio creates intricate jewellery by highlighting a cross section of the mixed media resin tile, revealing its abstract and detailed core. All the tiles are hand poured and finished in their London based studio making each and every piece completely unique.
    This unusual process was spotted by WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) in 2013 when Zhang was commissioned to create the trophies for the Global Fashion Awards held in the Victoria and Albert Museum London.
    Ejing Zhang Studio is excited about collaborations and experiments, so if you have any ideas or thoughts, or just want to say hello, please do get in touch we’d love to hear from you!

  • GRÀCIA Black


    Our unique square shape with a vintage style thick acetate frame. Gracia suits both men and women and is best fitted to medium to large face shapes. A simple style that brings an extra angle to the wearers outfit.

    Inspired by a district that’s teeming with like minded entrepreneurs and where artistic culture and fashion is shining through.

  • GRÀCIA Tortoise


    Our unique square shape with a vintage style thick acetate frame. Gracia suits both men and women and is best fitted to medium to large face shapes. A simple style that brings an extra angle to the wearers outfit.

    Inspired by a district that’s teeming with like minded entrepreneurs and where artistic culture and fashion is shining through.

  • KALLIO | Black | Blue


    A unisex round shape which is best on small to medium sized faces. Kallio is a classic style frame that will suit almost anyone. A pure and simple design for a quiet rebellion, released in eight different variations.


    – 100% Handmade in Italy

    – Unique acetate construction

    – WR302 Visottica hinges

    – Gold Foil details

  • Maple Leaf Ring


    By Rachel Harvey & Lucy Quinn

    This Mini-tini ring has a maroon background and a gold leaf motif.
    One small piece of inspiration, a button and from that they create a sterling silver setting which often reflects their love of Elizabethan and Greco – Roman style.Using beautiful rare vintage buttons.This antique button is set in sterling silver.



    At Monc we have an huge appreciation for the design process, true quality and craftsmanship. We are designers that want to bring a real meaning and personality to the products we design and make. This is why we want to share our journey of design with you, so that you know where our products have come from, how they are made and why.
    The first range we’ve created is a collection of eyewear. A unisex selection of five frames designed to fit all variations of face shape. We have been designing this range taking elements of character and fashion from the people and places that inspire and interest us the most. This paired with the highest quality craftsmanship of experienced Italian artisans has brought an iconic, beautiful and quality range of products, which are designed to accompany you as you chase the Sun.

  • Poured Plate White-Black

    By Troels Flensted

    Every Poured Plate is handmade in our studio in Copenhagen and is a ‘frozen moment’ of the time of creation.
    Poured Plate is sealed with a food-safe sealant to repel water and dirt, but it’s not recommended to use for any oily food or liquids of any kind, or washing in the dishwasher.
    Every Poured Plate is handmade in Troels Flensted’s studio in Copenhagen and comes in a neat gift-box with a certificate to guarantee its originality.
    Materials: mineral powder, water-based acrylic polymer & pigments
    N.B. You’re buying a Poured Plate in this colour, but not this exact one.

  • Rachel Harvey & Lucy Quinn

    Harvey and Quinn were highly commended for their jewellery at The British Craft Trade Fair, 2015.

    Award winning English designer/makers Lucy Quinn takes inspiration from rare and unusual buttons to create a unique collection of work that is both nostalgic and contemporary.

    She is passionate about transforming her finds into beautiful pieces of jewellery with an air of theatricality. “For her, each button tells a story, an intriguing glimpse of a forgotten past.”

    These works always begins with one small piece of inspiration – a button – and from that, they create a sterling silver setting which often reflects our love of Elizabethan and Greco-Roman style”

  • Ruth Hollywood

    Ruth Hollywood makes jewellery inspired by geometry. Combining 100% recycled silver and colourful hand-mixed resin, her work plays with the boundaries between science, nature and art. In her Glasgow studio, she puts new technology to work in harmony with traditional techniques.
    Graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2006, she lectured in art and jewellery before creating her first collection as an independent designer in 2013. Ruth is inspired by contemporary design and architecture, colour theory and such artists as Frank Stella. She also finds that her travels spark ideas, and the process of making itself leads her to further adventures in her practise.
    She has received awards for Excellence in Design from The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, and was selected for the Crafts Council UK Hothouse programme in 2015. Her jewellery is stocked in a variety of shops and galleries across the world. She exhibits at trade shows regularly, and her work has been shown in London, Munich, Montreal and Sydney.

  • Samuel Wilkinson

    Samuel Wilkinson graduated in furniture and related product design at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design in 2002.

    Samuel Wilkinson’s commitment and enthusiasm to designing interesting objects and spaces are apparent in his work, always looking to add a fresh dynamic approach in either form or function. His deep understanding of materials and manufacturing helps the studio push the boundaries in achieving a high level of detail and craftsmanship in their output. Their work diversifies across various disciplines from consumer products to interiors to the public realm.


    Sara Gunn is a London-based jewellery designer and finalist for New Designer of the Year in the 2015 UK Jewellery Awards. Sara graduated from the Sir John Cass School of Art and Design in 2012 with first-class honours and has worked from her studio at Cockpit Arts in Holborn since winning the 2013 Cockpit Arts/Clear Insurance Award.

    Inspired by everything around her; from urban landscapes and the less glamorous side of city life to organic forms and the cells that make us who we are, Sara combines textured leather and metal to create tactile pieces that are at once gritty and sensual. She draws inspiration for her current collections from microscopic details within the body and London’s urban landscape. The texture characteristic of her jewellery is created through acid etching and embossing, using hand drawn and photographic images.

    Each piece of jewellery is individually hand made by Sara. It is also possible to order colour variations or commission a unique piece.