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These large pyramid-shaped stud earrings are textured using photographs of London. Handmade from sterling silver, they are gold-plated to highlight the textures and are available in plain silver, gold plated and oxidized silver options.

The earrings are part of the ‘Souvenir’ collection, which combines urban textures and architectural shapes in a collection of earrings, pendants, rings, and cufflinks; all textured using photographs of London. Glimpses of Victorian terraces, glass and steel office buildings, graffiti and shop-fronts are etched into sterling silver to catch a brief moment in time – a souvenir of the fast-changing city landscape.

DIMENSIONS: each side of the pyramid measures 24mm and they are 10mm deep

Handmade, sterling silver stud earrings are etched with photographs of London

to create urban patterns and textures in the metal.


Golden, Silver

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