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DIY Your Shinning Jewellery

Augusmith believe people are losing the ability to create things with their own two hands. It’s true, a handmade gift does feel extra special. Create a present or give the gift of an experience with Augusmith’s jewellery-making classes, which’ll…

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Chinese Young Craftsmen-London Craft Week

While many people think of China’s craft as silk scarfs, blue and white porcelain and carving with bamboo and wood, little do they know what its young artisans are up to these days. This exhibition shows how these artisans…

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Art and China in 2017

What is the place of art in China today? Or rather, in a world where the underpinnings of the post-World War II consensus have come suddenly loose, a world whose most prosperous corners find themselves in thrall to sectarian…

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